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Welcome to our Rental-Consultant section

You would like to plan your event, but got no idea, which electricity producer / generator fits to?
We are pleased to help you with this choice with our rental-consultant, the electricity producer / generator consultant, and give you a choice of the most requested equipment.
Of course, we would like to help you further with your questions by telephone or by E-Mail.

Electricity producer / generator consultant

Our electricity producer / generator consultant will help you, to find the right generator for your application. Please note, that it is important, to choose the right burden-sharing. The "Watt" (electricity Power in german) numbers will be needed, to calculate your total power consumption.

Electricity producer / generator for Soundsystems

Please make shure, that you choose the "Watt" consumption of the amping (mostly shown on the backside of the amping), not of each Loudspeaker or the total "Watt RMS" output from the amping!
You could compare a generator with pushing the gas pedal down by your car.

At the moment, when the bassdrum comes, it is like pushing the gas pedal down in your car, you would like to get faster and the motor of your car has to produce more energy that you can drive faster. In this short while from producing, is no valid power consumption available, meanwhile there could be get a damage to the loudspeakers or the generator. To get a protection before, please imagine this rule:
Please do not incriminate the generator to the last "Watt", better is to plan amply reserves.
The needed power performance should shared to all phases (Powerplugs) by the same (as good as possible).

Right here is an example:
A HK Audio Elias Standard Soundsystem is build up with 2 subwoofer and 2 topsystemes, each amping (installed in the components) uses 680 Watts power electricity by 400 Watt RMX consumption output of each loudspeaker.
Herefrom you got a total power consumption of 2720 Watt used power electricity by maximum power output.
We advise a generator Digital Inverter FME XG SF 5600 E 5.0KW

Legal clue:
We would like to inform you, that the above mentioned Electricity producer / generator recommendations from our side are only allowed to use by directly order. We do not take care any resonsibility for failures and / or damages.

kind regards
Theimer und Mager Veranstaltungstechnik